Support the heart of your community

Destination Downtown Lancaster exists to enhance Downtown’s business climate while preserving and promoting our heritage as a center for cultural activity. We believe that revitalization comes through fostering a sense of community, attracting and retaining businesses, and planning for the future. With your help, we can ensure the vibrancy of our city for generations to come. Be a part of the story... invest in Destination Downtown Lancaster today! At Destination Downtown Lancaster, we host 11 major events throughout the year that draw thousands of people from all over the region. With a strong digital presence boasting over 12,000 followers across four social media platforms, co-branding with Destination Downtown Lancaster not only shows your customers that you care about community, but provides maximum bang for your advertising buck. Whether your corporate social responsibilities or advertising goals need to be met, we can help. Choose a la cart options by event to reach your desired audience, or become a Legacy Sponsor and brand every event that we host with one blanket sponsorship.